Warhawk Sailing was founded by Dr. Sean Peng in 2016. Dr. Sean Peng is Taiwan’s famous entrepreneur in high-tech and semiconductor domain who created a billion dollar electronic system manufacturer and contributed to the global high-tech education. He is a scholar, scientist, business owner, and sailor.

Dr. Peng started his sailing journey at Lake Ontario since he was a student in Canada. In 2018, he assembled the first EMBA sailing team in Taiwan at National Taiwan University and led the team to compete in many regattas. He successfully trained more than 25 crew members and assemble two teams to join the 7th cross Taiwan Straight Regatta from China to Taiwan. Dr. Peng also led his sailing team to compete in the 2020 Penghu Sailing Regatta, which is the largest annual sailing regatta in Taiwan. His team won the IRC Champion and the grand Champion in this regatta.

Due to the fast-growing sailing population in Taiwan, Dr. Peng expanded Warhawk Sailing to provide Sailing Education, Regatta Training, and Shipyard / Brokerage Service.

Sailing Education Academy

The mission of Warhawk Sailing Academy is to provide fun and challenging sailing education that exceeds the certification requirements for ASA 101(Basic Keel Boat), ASA 103 (Coastal Cruising) , and ASA 104 (Bareboat Cruising). Our award-winning coaches and instructors are patient and have rich experiences who can provide our students the most comprehensive sailing skills.

Based in beautiful Anping Harbor, Warhawk Sailing offers not only systematic training but also sailing practices in the most beautiful sailing environment in South Taiwan Strait Marine Park which provides challenges in strong current and complex tidal conditions. Many of our students and members are able to sail around Taiwan islands after our training courses.

Elan Yachts

Warhawk sailing is honored to become the exclusive distributor for Elan Yachts in Taiwan.

Elan yachts offer a perfect balance between performance, comfort, easy handling and safety without compromise. Elan embodies a true passion for sailing, technological innovations and distinctive design. Every yacht coming from Elan’s 16.000 sq meter boatyard in Slovenia is the result of our 70-year long passion for innovation-oriented quality boatbuilding.

Elan yachts provide a series of resilient cruising and racing yachts that appeals to professional and amateur sailing crews as well as families who love to holiday on the water. It combines modern technology and expertise with a respect for tradition, elegance and stylish good looks. All the yachts in the series are designed for fast passage-making, regattas and other racing events, but at the same time they are styled with comfort and safety in mind to maximize sailors’ experiences.

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Racing and Regatta Training

Warhawk Sailing’s founder, Dr. Peng, assembled a few award-winning teams to compete in many regattas in Taiwan and China. By leveraging the rich experiences obtained in the many regatta, our instructors are capable of providing real field experiences and skills required for conducting various positions in racing.

Warhwak Sailing also arranged frequent regattas with various lengths ranging from 1 to 4 days. We also encourage our sailing school students to purchase their own sailboats and join the regattas. In June 2020, Dr. Peng led his sailing team to compete in the Penghu Sailing Regatta, which is the largest annual sailing regatta in Taiwan. His team won the IRC Champion and the grand Champion in this regatta.

Shipyard and Brokerage Service

Warhawk Sailing started our brokerage service specialize in pre-owned cruising boats for servicing our club members in Sailing Academy and Regatta Training. Due to the fast growing population in sailing activities, the demand in sailboat maintenance and repairing is huge. The Lack of good sailboat service shipyard became an obstacle for new comers to make decision to buy their own sailboats.

In order to provide better sailboat brokerage and maintenance services to our new members, Warhawk Sailing acquired a 4000-sqft shipyard next to the famous Navy Destroyer Museum inside the best harbor in Taiwan. The shipyard was a legendary landmark which was used to manufacture more than 100 fishing boats in the past 30 years. Now Warhawk Sailing is turning this shipyard into a modern Sailboat Showroom with facilities to provide sailboat assembly, maintenance, and repair work.


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The headquarter of Warhawk Sailing located in Hsinchu, Taiwan and our 50000-sqft shipyard is inside the beautiful Anping Harbor, which is the Best Sailing Harbor in Taiwan and was named as Zeelandia by Dutch sailors 400 years ago . Warhawk Sailing provides one-stop service for sailing education, yacht brokerage, sailboat maintenance, regatta organization.


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Address: No.123 Anyi Rd. Anping Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan.

Postal Code: 708003


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